Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teanaway Gold

7 7/8  x 7 7/8  
 Black & white oil oil on panel — value study for the larger painting below.

 12  x 11 7/8
Under painting — blocking in large color shapes. 

The finished painting with more detail and more subtle colors.

The Teanaway Vallley is just over the Cascade Mountains from my home. It has been a favorite  location ever since my first extended visit, a workshop with Bill (Wm F. Reese) on his farm in 1985. I haven't been there often in recent years, but always love the journey and visits to my favorite places there.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

. . . from thumbnail sketches . . .

Rock Pile - 8 x 10 - black & white oil on panel

I just spent five weeks returning to basics. Working with landscape composition and value in a series of  pencil thumbnail studies, I chose one composition from each set of thumbnail images to create a larger black and white value study in oil. These were then used as reference material for an oil painting in full color.

In the beginning this seemed like a tedious way to work. I rather quickly discovered the value of the practice and kept going. Now I can say the process has become great fun. I highly recommend it!