Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Visit to the Skagit Valley . . .

8 x 6  |  oil on panel

Every spring the Pacific Northwest's Skagit Valley bursts into bloom. As the brilliant yellow fields of daffodils begin to fade, the tulips open. Bands of purple, rose, pink, red, orange, yellow, and white blanket the valley.

Thousands of people come to the "tulip festival" during the weeks the flowers are in bloom. This little girl was totally transfixed with these orange-rose tulips. She gently touched several flowers and just kept looking into the brilliant color, creating a paintable moment. I will soon be posting several more paintable moments from my visit to the valley this spring.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back form Tel Aviv, Israel . . .

In the fall of 2011, four of my paintings where chosen by the curators of the US State Department's Art in Embassies Program. They were selected for the Ambassador's residence in Tel Aviv, Israel, and were to remain on loan for two and a half years.

The paintings were installed in a room where the ambassador and his wife entertained dignitaries and other guests. When it came time for rotation of the art work, the ambassador's wife asked if these paintings might be able to stay through the ambassador's term of duty. I gladly agreed.

The AIEP celebrated its 50th anniversary year while my paintings were in Tel Aviv. You can see them on the celebration page here.

They were also posted on this blog September 20, 2011.