Friday, April 8, 2016

Pineapple Poll . . .

In the Wings  |  12 x 9

Pineapple Poll is a delightful arrangement of music from all 13 Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. The ballet tells the story of the same "bumboat woman" who appears later in life as "Little Buttercup" in Pinafore. 

 In 2004 the Seattle G&S society commissioned Spectrum Dance Theater, directed by Donald Byrd, to perform the ballet on a double bill with the society's production of HMS Pinafore in celebration of the society's 50 anniversary season. I was given permission to shoot reference photos backstage during one of the performances. Watching the long shadows the ballet lighting cast, was as exciting as watching the dancers themselves.

If you enjoy G&S and love dance, DVDs of this production are available through the Seattle G&S Society. Click here for more info. The image below is from the DVD.

Pineapple Poll 
Spectrum Dance Theater, Scenic Designer, Nathan Rodda

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mr. G. Waxing Eloquent

Mr. G. Waxing Eloquent  |  10.75 x 8

Gordon Gilbert Gutteridge as Mr. Bunthorne’s Solicitor, the only non-speaking, non-singing roll in Gilbert & Sullivan. Gordon was listed in the program as “Gilbert Grossmith Gordon” - his joke. George Grossmith was the original principal comedian with the D’Oily Carte Company from 1877 to 1889.

The painting is based on a reference photo shot during the society’s 1993 production of “Patience”.  "Mr. G." was Artistic Director of the Company for 35 years. He was also an accomplished artist, actor, designer, leader and an inspiration to generations of performers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A moment from Act II . . .

Pooh-Bah Has a Word or Two  |  36 x 18

The actor on the left in this scene from The Mikado is the Seattle G&S Society's longtime scenic designer, Nathan Rodda. He truly makes manic happen. 
The painting is in the MUSICAL PIECES exhibition through July 1sr 2016.
Gallery hours: Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm

Women Painters of Washington Gallery 
Columbia Center Building
701 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor Atrium
Seattle, WA 98104

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Amazing William as Pooh-Bah . . .

The Amazing Pooh-Bah  |  24 x 12

Another painting in Musical Pieces, William J. Darkow as Pooh-Bah in Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s 2001 production of “The Mikado”. Everything this actor did was paintable. His presence was simply wonderful! The sets were designed by the society's longtime scenic designer, Nathan Rodda. 

There will be a PROGRAM AND LIVE JAZZ starting at 4 pm.

Women Painters of Washington Gallery
Columbia Center Building
701 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor Atrium
Seattle, WA 98104 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Musical Pieces

—  an exhibition inspired by music 

 Yeo Man  |  24 x 12

I have chosen moments from the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s productions at the Bagley Wright Theater in Seattle for my Musical Pieces. They include paintings from: The Mikado, Patience, Pineapple Poll and The Yeomen of the Guard, the latter being a moment from the first rehearsal in theater with props but no costumes. I just couldn’t resist the look of a yeoman in red tennis shoes.

 I will be posting images of the other four paintings later this week.

Musical Pieces exhibition dates:
April 5th - July 1st
Reception April 7th from 4pm - 6pm

Women Painters of Washington Gallery
Columbia Center Building
701 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor Atrium
Seattle, WA 98104 

The Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society will be presenting The Yeomen of the Guard in July. Click here to see their website for more information.