Monday, April 28, 2008


30 x 40"
oil on canvas

Twilight falls over Puget Sound casting its magical glow and the sound of silence. I do love this time of day.

“Twilight” is the largest of the paintings I delivered to an exhibition today. I usually paint much larger than the work shown on this site and just wanted to share this one with you today. The colors are much brighter than they appear here. There are rich shades of gold, peach, rose, lavender and many greens.
Click image to enlarge.


Barbara Benedetti Newton said...

Beautiful, Marilyn! You really captured that sunset afterglow. And, it is so BIG! Barbara

Marilyn Webberley said...

Thanks! Every now and then I enjoy painting larger like this. In this painting there were many muted, quite colors as well as rich, bright ones. When a painting gets to be this size, there is so much space for luscious colors and subtle color variations. I really do enjoy finding these in what I see.