Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Silent Swirl"

8 x 6 inches
oil on wooden panel

It snowed again last night and more today. The snow flakes so small and falling so softly, they managed to pile up on our wind swirls. I have never seen that happen before, so that's what I had to paint today . . . sitting in the house with hot tea! 
Click on image to enlarge.


Vern Schwarz said...

Hi Marilyn, what an amazing view and yard you have. It must inspire you on some level each day. I really like your swirl, reading room, path and winter dress. They are so beautifully loose in the way they are painted. Hope you are having a great Christmas.

Marilyn Webberley said...

Thanks, Vern. We do love it here. We have lived in the same house for many years. As the paintings show, we have lots of trees and it is often like being on vacation just looking out the windows or being in the garden. . . . and for Christmas we were snowed in and lost power just before breakfast. It came back on in the night.
We heated water for tea in the fireplace, dined on cheese, crackers, apples, dates, nuts, left over fish and turkey . . . and in the evening we had pumpkin pie and whipped cream - because it had been whipped the day before. In the afternoon we went for a walk in the snow and watched the sunset in the woods farther down the road - beautiful!