Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Cottage Blue and White"

7.75 x 7.75 inches
oil on panel

Blue and white ceramics always catch my attention. I have wanted to paint this grouping for a long time. On this evening’s visit I really liked the deep shadows cast by the near by lamp so much, I painted them. Great fun! 
Click image to enlarge. 
Note: The painting's colors may be much richer that they appear on your monitor.


Ken Goldman said...

What a beautifully painted still life. It's especially nice to see the strokes enlarged; they look very alla prima. Is this a shelf in your livingroom? Is it done alla prima?

Marilyn Webberley said...

Thanks! It is alla prima, thick and juicy. The shelf is in a friends home and there are always blue and white ceramics sitting here. There are so many areas in this room that would be fun to paint. I am sure I will do more.

becky joy said...

Marilyn, Love your use of light including reflective light. Many artists don't go that far. Your paintings are lively and luscious in color and brush strokes.