Monday, June 22, 2009

"A Painted Breakfast"

9 x 13.5"
oil on gessoed museum board

This was my breakfast one morning. The shapes and colors were so exciting when I set this on the table, I ran inside for my paint box. By the time the painting was finished, the egg no longer looked so great. I fixed another one to eat.

I added the "painting in process" to show you the little paint box my husband made for me to take on an overseas painting trip quite some time ago. I like it so much I often use it at home as well.


Ken Goldman said...

Your latest painting captures the lusciousness of a really good looking breakfast. You're a true artist to make painting it a higher priority than eating it. Sweet!

Barbara said...

As always, your painting is beautiful and inspirational. I love imagining your calm life.

lifeartist said...

I love this painting. It has such great color. I am such a sucker for it.
I too have a blue teapot that I find a thing of joy to have in a painting. It reflects its surroundings in such an interesting way. I find that I use it whenever I'm at loose ends.

Bravo on a lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

The breakfast itself is an act of art: a morning meal savored with beauty. The painting captures the lusciousness of the moment, so the viewer shares in the delight.