Thursday, April 1, 2010


oil on canvas
24 x 12 inches

Every now and then I set a painting aside. Months or years later, I pull it out, have a fresh look and decide if I will add it to the burn pile or paint a little more.

Dreaming is from several 2003 sketches. I liked the idea and started the painting several years later. The model was long gone, same for the costume and set (Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan's Gondoliers).

This week I pulled the painting out and set it where I could easily see for several days. Then I began painting again.

While it is much better than it was, it can't compare with working from life, where one can observe contrasts and ask: warmer/cooler, lighter/darker, stronger or more subtle? When working from life, all the information needed is in front of you just waiting to be captured in paint.

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