Thursday, June 17, 2010

William F. Reese

Bill's pochade box, brushes and painting
- this photo by Darrell Anderson -

Earlier this week many of us gathered to pay our respects to a dear friend, William F. Reese. I think perhaps Darrell Anderson said it best.
"A fierce wind must have howled in off the plains the day Bill left us, trying in vain to fill the huge artistic vacuum he left behind. Oil painter, watercolorist, pastelist, etcher, sculptor........outstanding in all, Bill approached his craft with an intense dedication."

Last year Bill was to be the inspirational speaker at the Alpha-1 Association national education conference in San Francisco. Due to illness he was unable to attend. This link will take you to his presentation, which was put together by Bill on his home computer and delivered via DVD. It shows some of his works as he tells how having Alpha-1 inspired him to "live life to the fullest."

Bill and his wife Fran remain two of the finest people I have ever known.


Barbara said...

I watched the video Marilyn and it was wonderful! Thank you for making it available through your blog.

Kay said...

Hi Marilyn,
Thanks so much for sharing this link and introduction to Bill Reese and his inspiring video. I have never met him, but am familiar with his work. I shall try to remember his thoughts and try to be thankful for things that come my way -- welcome or not! It is definitely true that one's attitude can turn situations around and he seems to have become an expert at this.

Again, thanks for sharing -- it was just what I needed this evening.