Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A great adventure . . . painting with friends

When Sophia arrived the first day, I was gessoing panels . . . so she had a hand at it as well. Then we went outside to paint cherries. Great fun! Believe it or not, I forgot to photograph the paintings.

This was the next day. We painted two oranges. This time Sophia's sisters and a brother came as well. Their plan was to just drop her off and come back later to pick her up. I invited them to stay . . . so . . .

Giuliana sketched on large paper.

Antonio experimented with waterproof ink, using a real quill and several pens. Liked watercolor and acrylic much better . . .

Break-time, always a good idea. The orange hat is over Gala, their driver (mom). The sketcher is under the white hat and the fan is over Annalisa.

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