Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The sun is out again . . .

Yesterday there were a few white clouds floating in a brilliant blue sky. It was just beautiful. It was only 63º but we were all ready to call it summer. The beaches along the lake even had swimmers! And, of course, all the parking spaces were already taken. We headed for the Bellevue Botanical Garden. So many cars, there was no place to park here either. 

Our next idea was downtown Kirkland to visit the galleries and then sit by the lake in the sun . . .  of course, no place to park. The only vacant spaces were in the library lower lot, which was just about empty. The "Permit Parking Only" signs on every post made it seem quite unfriendly, so we left Kirkland and went on to Kenmore to our favorite Starbucks, where we sat outside in the sun with our favorite summer drinks. 

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