Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Painting with friends

afternoon in the Teanaway valley (click images to enlarge)

Yesterday I returned to a favorite painting spot on the sunny side of the mountains. It had been three years and two days since I was last here. The weather was beautiful, just like my last trip, and the trees still wore most of their fall colors.

I had returned with one of the same painting friends as my last trip, Ned Muller. I thought of Bill, who had joined us on our my trip to the Teanaway valley in October 2008. As I painted in the field above, I recalled many past painting trips with Bill and could hear his advice as I painted.
With Ned and Bill Teanaway valley in October 2008.

Wm F. Reese, July 10, 1938-June 16, 2010, internationally renowned painter and sculptor, author, teacher and dear friend.

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