Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Prayer

oil on panel, 12 x 16 inches

This painting has been something I have wanted to do for fo many years. It began a year ago. I posted the painting in process last February. Then set it aside. Every now and then I would take it out and contemplate what to do next in order to create the feeling I wanted to convay.

About a month ago I began painting on the background, clothing, faces and flowers. It has now has the feel I was looking for. I call it finished. Click here to see the early stages.


Grace | labor posters said...

I haven't seen a painting without feelings yet. I think it took you so long to finish this because you were confused with what you feel. Am I right?

Marilyn Webberley said...

Not really. The problem was how to make the background enhance the atmosphere rather than take away from it. The painting went through a series of subtle changes before it really worked.

The solution — using a mix of soft, cooler-to-warmer color marks, moving from both sides of the painting toward the figures to join in the heart-shape between them. This gave exactly the feeling I wanted.