Thursday, May 3, 2012

Painting in Bisbee, AZ

While sorting through images from three hard drives, looking for specific paintings, I came across a great trip long forgotten. Wonderful memories came flooding in. Almost instantly, I decided to post these.

The drive from Tucson to Bisbee was a landscape like nothing I had ever seen before. Gradually, I began to feel I was traveling back to an earlier time. A very strange feeling. The wind was sending dust into the air and the farther south I went, the more unfamiliar everything seemed. By the time I passed the sign announcing I was entering Tombstone, I felt I somehow actually had slipped into the past, an eerie feeling.

The town of Bisbee is a painter's paradise. Charming homes cling to the hillsides along the narrow roads. There seemed to be very few places wide enough to park a car. This corner was one of them.

I was attracted to this house and the mountains behind it.

The painting is on one of my palette/panel holders, made by Open Box M, Inc, a small company in Cody, WY, with great service and by far my favorite gear.

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