Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coffee Shop sketching again . . .

Another walk ended our walk at our favorite coffee shop (January 28 posting). This was last Friday, February 8, 2013. Two people were just leaving two of the prize comfy chairs by the fire when we arrived. We quickly added our coats, then went to the counter to place our usual order at the end of a crisp-afternoon walk—a tall decaf mocha and a tall chai latte/no water.

The first sketch is the view across the room. The second is along the front windows. I loved the way the person in the rose sweater sat. She was reading something and every time she moved, her body formed fun patterns to sketch. The next figures on this page have been at this shop almost every afternoon I have stopped by. They always sit by the windows, always visit quietly and are always busy with hand work . . . making things. They are also fun to sketch.

Across the room again. The floor was just mopped and people are busy with their laptops and books. This place has become quite popular with students from two universities and a community collage near by.

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