Friday, July 12, 2013

behind the scenes . . .

Painting Venice

The image above was shot in 2003 in the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society's shop on Dexter. It was part of the set for the society's production of The Gondoliers that year. The town was saved, since it could be stored flat. Venice was painted on a series of 8' plywood sheets. Scenic Designer, Nathan Rodda, comes up with the most amazing things!

Last week Venice was updated in the society's Crown Hill shop. Parts needed to be retouched, always necessary when they have been in storage. In the process Nathan wanted some areas of the town to be made lighter as if caught in sunlight. Some of the shadows in windows and doorways were made darker, to make them feel closer to the audience.

And an extra surprise — the top of the tall tower was remade . . . seems someone was carrying it across the room and forgot about the ceiling fans. Ceiling is high, but so was the tower.

The spatter paint looks a bit strange here, but it actually makes the town look much more three dimensional under theater lighting. (Shot before the windows, and last two doorways on the right, were made darker). Click image to enlarge.

Michael Crow working on the 'stone' platform. Steel fittings have been mounted to two identical platforms and short wooden 'posts' have been mounted to the steel fittings, thus stabilizing tall column structures to be added at the theater.

Dress rehearsal Tuesday night - columns are set in place, Venice is hanging in the shadows here. If you are in the Greater Seattle area — come see the show!

The Bagley Wright Auditorium at the Seattle Repertory Theater
Seattle Center Grounds • 155 Mercer St • Seattle

Matinees at 2:00 pm:  July 13, 14, 20, 21, & 27
Evenings at 7:30 pm:  July 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

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