Sunday, April 3, 2016

Musical Pieces

—  an exhibition inspired by music 

 Yeo Man  |  24 x 12

I have chosen moments from the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s productions at the Bagley Wright Theater in Seattle for my Musical Pieces. They include paintings from: The Mikado, Patience, Pineapple Poll and The Yeomen of the Guard, the latter being a moment from the first rehearsal in theater with props but no costumes. I just couldn’t resist the look of a yeoman in red tennis shoes.

 I will be posting images of the other four paintings later this week.

Musical Pieces exhibition dates:
April 5th - July 1st
Reception April 7th from 4pm - 6pm

Women Painters of Washington Gallery
Columbia Center Building
701 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor Atrium
Seattle, WA 98104 

The Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society will be presenting The Yeomen of the Guard in July. Click here to see their website for more information.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

I love the longstanding tradition of G & S in your lives, and I agree that this 'early draft' of the theatrical performance is a contrast of realities, captured beautifully and dramatically in this painting. Thanks for sharing the process, in a way. Thoroughly enjoyable.